OET Accepted Countries in 2024 – OET Required Scores for Nurses and Doctors

OET Accepted Countries in 2024 – OET Required Scores for Nurses and Doctors

The OET test is recognized in various international countries of the world. OET focuses on healthcare communication and language evaluation to make sure that staff in healthcare organizations have enough language competence in using medical terms. OET is accepted as the language test for Australian, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and other healthcare professionals. Those interested in the OET-accepted countries will need to read the blog and get to know more about the countries that accept OET in 2024 and the band score required for that country. 


What is OET? 

The Occupational English Test(OET) evaluates the preparedness of the candidates, who are willing to work in the foreign countries as doctors and other health care professional. The OET will measure four competencies in the application and comprehension of the English language in relation to listening, reading, writing, and speaking about practice in the care system.

OET is acceptable for registration, study, practice, or getting a visa to establish competency in the English language in some countries. OET has been developed for 12 specialties of the healthcare profession including Occupational Therapy, Dentistry, Nursing, Radiography, Veterinary Science, Medicine, Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, Dietetics/Nutrition, Podiatry, Pharmacy, Optometry, etc.


List of countries accepting OET in 2024: 

Today, numerous healthcare authorities and companies globally accept OET. However, it is important to know that the OET exam is valid for which countries? This will further help you if you have to work or study in an environment where English is spoken.

countries accepting OET

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Maldives
  • Malta
  • Namibia
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Qatar
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom (U.K.)
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • United States of America (USA)


OET for nurses accepted countries: 

OET scores are accepted by countries for nurses who are interested in practicing in the healthcare sector. A list of the OET-accepted countries for nurses includes, 

  • Maldives
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • UK 
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Qatar
  • UAE 

Prospective healthcare professionals who wish to become nurses have to pass the OET Listening, OET Reading, and OET Speaking sections with a grade of B for OET Writing, the candidate should get a grade of C+. They are also required to attain a minimum of 350 out of 500 in the examination to be accredited as nurses in any countries that accept OET for nurses.


List of OET-accepted countries and scores: 

Before attempting for OET exams, it is important to know that OET is accepted in which countries. There are several OET exam accepted countries from Australia to Qatar, that require different OET exam scores. In several cases, the OET-accepted scores vary according to the Universities in that particular OET-accepted countries


1. OET-accepted countries Australia: 

OET score required for Australia: 

A candidate must produce OET with a minimum Australia B grade which ranges from 350-450 for all subsets. Candidates who require registration with the Clinical Leading Body of Australia (MBA) must also achieve a B grade in any sub-test. 


OET Score for Australia: 

Listening  Reading  Writing  Speaking


OET score required for nurses in Australia: 

The minimum acceptable OET score for nurses in Australia is B. 


2. OET-accepted countries Canada:


OET score needed for Canada: 

Canada is one of the major OET-valid countries. To be admitted for employment in the Canadian healthcare industry, candidates must score a minimum of a B or 350 on each of the modules of the OET exam.

Listening  Reading  Writing  Speaking


OET score for Canada for nurses

A minimum score of 350 for 500 is the OET accepted in Canada for nurses


3. OET-accepted countriesIreland

Ireland OET passing score: 

The OET grades considered acceptable in Ireland are B and C+ scores for English modules. 

Listening  Reading  Writing  Speaking
B B C+ B


Ireland OET score nurses: 

A score of 300 out of 500 is the accepted OET Ireland score for nurses. 


4. OET-accepted countriesMaldives: 

The passing criterion for Maldivian healthcare workers is 350 or a B on each subtest of the OET.


OET score for Maldives: 

Listening  Reading  Writing  Speaking


Maldives OET score for nurses:

A minimum score of 200-290 is the accepted score for nurses in Maldives


5. OET-accepted countriesMalta

The minimum OET grades required for registration in Malta include 350 for the speaking part and 300 for the reading, writing, and listening parts.


OET score required for Malta: 

Listening  Reading  Writing  Speaking
C+ C+ C+ B


OET score for nurses in Malta: 

Malta has the least accepted OET for nurses’ scores, which is a B-C grade. 


6. OET-accepted countriesNamibia:

OET score for Namibia: 

The accepted OET score by the Health Professions Council of Namibia for all medical professionals is ‘B’ grade (350/500)


7. OET-accepted countries New Zealand: 

New Zealand OET requirement : 

The minimum OET requirement is 350 in listening, reading, and speaking. Also writing tests with 300 to be employed in the healthcare industry.

Listening  Reading  Writing  Speaking


OET score required for nurses in New Zealand: 

350 out of 500 is the accepted OET score for nurses in New Zealand in all four parts of the OET English test


8. OET-accepted countriesPhilippines

Philippines one of the OET-accepted countries requires a B grade in the OET Listening, Reading, and Speaking sub-tests as well as a C+ in Writing.

Scores for OET in Philippines: 

Listening  Reading  Writing  Speaking
B B C+ B


9. OET-accepted countriesQatar

An average score of 350 in all sections is the accepted score for OET in Qatar

Listening  Reading  Writing  Speaking


10. OET-accepted countriesSingapore

OET score for Singapore: 

For Doctors, the Singapore Medical Council requires B grades for Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.


Listening  Reading  Writing  Speaking


OET score for nurses in Singapore: 

A score of between 350 and 450 is the accepted Singapore OET score for nurses


11. OET-accepted countriesSpain

Spain OET score requires B2, C1, and C2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference. Employees have to pass all the subsets with a minimum B to get the job.


Listening  Reading  Writing  Speaking


12. OET-accepted countriesUkraine

Students who perform “B” grades in listening, reading, writing, and speaking aspects will be allowed to work in the Ukraine


OET score for Ukraine: 

Listening  Reading  Writing  Speaking


13. OET-accepted countriesUnited Kingdom (U.K.):

UK is one of the OET-allowed countries being the major choice of candidates to pursue higher studies and requires at least a B or 350 in listening, reading, and speaking parts, and a C+ or 300 in the writing part.


OET accepted score in UK: 

Listening  Reading  Writing  Speaking
B B C+ B


OET requirement for nurses in UK : 

A minimum grade of B in reading, listening, and speaking, and a C+ grade in writing. 


14. OET-accepted countries United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The accepted score for OET in UAE is B in all four modules of the English language.

OET score required for UAE: 

Listening  Reading  Writing  Speaking
B B C+ B


15. OET-accepted countriesUnited States of America (USA)

A minimum of 350 on the Listening, Reading, and Speaking sub-tests, and 300 on the Writing sub-test is the OET passing score for USA. 

OET score for USA 

Listening  Reading  Writing  Speaking


OET score in USA for nurses: 

USA is the prominent OET accepted country and a minimum score of 350 out of 500 is the accepted USA OET score for nurses


OET score system: 


countries that accept OET


OET A score – This grade falls in the numerical range of 450-500. Such scores and grades imply the ability to communicate and the English language fluency of the candidate. A grade demonstrates good mastery of the English language both in written and spoken forms.


OET score B – It stands for scores between 350 and 440. Such grades indicate that the applicant can effectively address patients and other healthcare personnel. This indicates a good understanding of several forms of therapy. 


OET C and C++ score – Candidates who get 300-340 are graded as C+ meaning that though the applicant may make mistakes or lose touch occasionally, he/she can maintain contact in some useful healthcare capacity. 


OET D score – It varies between 100 and 190 points. This means that the applicant can keep up-to-date with some information and may need clarification of the remainder in his or her area of specialization. 


OET E score – The band descriptor for the lowest grade in OET has a mark range of 0-90. This grade indicates that the candidate lack basic English skills or any knowledge in their clinical area and had numerous interruptions.


Provided with the OET recognised countries, to sit for the OET exam, you must be a healthcare professional capable of registering and practicing in one of the 12 recognized professions. You have to be a valid passport holder or any other legal form of identification. By taking help of a OET coaching center you can strengthen your OET preparation process.  




1. Which are the OET C score accepted countries

Countries such as the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, and Singapore are the OET C score accepted countries.


2. Which are the OET C+ score accepted countries?
Countries such as the USA, Ireland, Malta, Philippines, and, the UK accept C+ scores for the OET exam.


3. What is clubbing in OET?

Clubbing in combining two or more test results which have been issued against different OET test dates, to meet the score prescribed by a Recognising Organisation. When aggregating the test scores, an applicant must get an average OET score of B in Listening, Reading, and Speaking and C+ in Writing as long as none of the OET scores obtained are lower than C+.


4. What are the OET clubbing allowed countries

The UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand are the OET clubbing allowed countries