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Best OET Exam for Nurses in Chennai

Are you dedicated to working as a nurse in abroad countries? Do you find it difficult to crack the OET test for nurses? Our OET Offline/Online Course Specialized for Nurses to crack the OET Exam for Nurses in Chennai can help you with the course preparation. 

OET Exam for Nurses in Chennai

Maks Bela understands the significance of being the best OET Online Course for Nurses in Chennai. The  OET Exam for Nurses in Chennai will assist you in understanding how to crack your exam with desired band score. The course covers all the parts of the OET Exam for Nurses in Chennai which include listening, reading writing, and speaking. Receive individual focus from professional teachers and useful advice necessary to prevent possible difficulties. If you are a nurse based in Chennai, you can enroll in the OET Online Course for Nurses now and learn how you can get the desired target score. Join Maks Bela to kick-start your excellent nursing profession in foreign countries by clearing the OET  test for nurses.

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OET Test Types

There are two types of OET in nursing that are divided according to the countries that accept OET for nurses. 

  • OET General Training: Required for nurses who want to register or practice in English-speaking countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Singapore. 
  • OET Occupational English Test (OET-OT): Required for those nurses who want to register to practice in the UAE and QATAR only.

Each of the types is aimed at checking your knowledge of English in the field of nursing, however, their content and structure may differ. It is crucial to identify which test type of OET is appropriate when registering for a specific profession or searching for a job according to the country you want to move to work.

Why Choose Maks Bela’s Coaching for OET Test for Nurses?

If you are in search of OET Coaching for Nurses in Chennai then Maks Bela is the right place for your needs not only because of its approach but also for its proven results. Our expert teachers understand the difficulties that nurses go through and therefore offer the necessary support to clear the OET exam for nurses. 

OET Coaching in Chennai

We give the possibility to choose a convenient time for classes and have all the required study materials to make the preparation comfortable and effective. Our calm and composed environment makes it possible to focus on each learner and are also helpful in assisting in accomplishing all academic objectives.

Choose Maks Bela for the best OET Training to get the right results and enhance your nursing career. The OET Exam for Nurses conducted in Chennai has a unique format, where the focus is made on realistic clinical scenarios.

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OET Exam Pattern for Nurses

The OET Exam for Nurses conducted in Chennai has a unique format, where the focus is made on realistic clinical scenarios. Hereā€™s the detailed scoring system for the OET test for nurses: 

Sub-test Duration Skills assessed Focus
Reading 40 minutes Critical reading and comprehension Patient charts, referral letters, etc.
Writing 45 minutes Professional writing skills Discharge summaries, referral letters, etc.
Listening 40 minutes Understanding spoken English Consultations, presentations, patient interactions
Speaking 20 minutes Effective communication in healthcare settings Role-plays with patients, colleagues, supervisors

OET Exam Grades 

The OET Exam for Nurses in Chennai tests your English proficiency through a banding system. Each sub-test is given a score from band A (highest) to band E (lowest). 

OET Coaching Centre in Ambattur

A Grade – This grade ranges from a numeric score of 450 to 500. According to this score and grade, it is believed that the candidate can communicate effectively and is fluent in the English language. He/she is capable of engaging the patients and other health care professionals professionally and fluently, with the right tone and choice of words. The candidate knows well the written and spoken language.

B Grade – It includes a score between 350-440. This grade and score indicate that the candidate can communicate effectively with patients and health professionals. There could be some inconsistencies and delays at times. This demonstrates good knowledge across a variety of clinical areas. 

C Grade – C+ grade is awarded to the person scoring between 300-340 and C to those scoring between 200-290. This means that the candidate can sustain the conversation within a relevant healthcare context despite their occasional mistakes and slips. The candidate employs normal spoken language that is commonly used in the field of their specialty. 

D Grade – It ranges from 100-190 score level. This demonstrates that the candidate can continue to interact and comprehend basic actuality about his/her specialized area; however, he/she may require further explanation. Inaccuracies could be common and failure or excessive use of technical language can lead to tension in the interaction. 

E Grade – This grade is given to the candidate who has scored between 0 and 90. This proves that the candidate can handle limited communication on routine topics and grasp the gist in brief and easy emails. He/she may request a lot of clarification.

Your OET score determines your eligibility to work as a nurse in English-speaking countries.

Most nursing regulatory bodies require a minimum score of B in each sub-test. Maks Bela equips you with the skills and knowledge to achieve your desired OET for Nurses in Chennai score and advance your nursing career abroad.

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Countries accepting OET for nurses

List of OET for nurses accepted countries: 

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America.
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Maldives
  • Malta
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Qatar
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Namibia
  • Egypt

OET accepted countries for nurses and OET exam score for nurses

Countries Listening Reading Writing Speaking
Australia B B B B
New Zealand B B B B
Ireland B B C+ B
USA: Oregon B B B B
USA: Florida C+ C+ C+ C+
The Philippines B B C+ B
Namibia B B B B
Ukraine B B B B
Singapore B B B B
Malta C+ C+ C+ B
Spain B B B B
Canada B B B B
Maldives C C C C
Qatar B B B B

What makes Maks Bela’s OET exam preparation for Nurses unique from others? 

Our OET Exam Preparation for Nurses stands out through personalized attention and tailored curriculum. This will enable us to attend to individual learning needs and thus be in a position to address each learner individually.

  • Targeted curriculum: Developed by experienced professionals such as nurses and expert trainers of OET, our program is unique in providing OET Exam Preparation for Nurses making it more focused on key terms, cases, and strategies to top the exam.
  • Personalized support: We understand every nurse is unique. Small group classes opt for one-on-one coaching and feedback to make sure that your learning is precise in the process. 
  • Authentic practice materials: Be ready for the OET Exam for Nurses through our special practice tests, role play, and cases modeled on the actual exam.
  • Flexible scheduling: Busy work schedules? No problem! Our class schedules are also convenient and if you prefer, we also offer classes that can be taken online. 
  • Proven track record: Look at those previous students who received the expected grades in the OET Exam for Nurses and are now happily employed overseas.

Trust Maks Bela for a specialized, effective, and supportive OET Preparation for Nurses.


1. How long does the OET Test preparation take?

The preparation period varies according to the users, our online course offers study plans to fit different timelines.

2. What are the registration fees for the OET exam in Chennai?

The registration fees vary depending on the test type and location. You can find the latest fees on the official OET website.

3. How much does the OET offline/online course cost?

Please visit our website for current pricing information.

4. Are there any specific tips for nurses in Chennai to excel in the OET Exam?

Focus on the specific aspects of English that are necessary for the healthcare specialist, try some OET practice tests, get accustomed to the OET layout, and, perhaps, attend some classes with other OET teachers or tutors to strengthen some of the shortcomings.

5. What are the advantages of choosing an OET online course for nurses?

 It also allows the nurses in Chennai to have a flexible time since they can prepare for the OET in their own free time. These courses comprise study kits, practice papers, and tutors to refer to for guidance.


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