Spoken English Class in Ambattur

Spoken english class in Ambattur

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Spoken English Class in Ambattur – Rise and Shine with English

In Maks Bela, we are dedicated to delivering the spoken english class in Ambattur to the professionals and students that guide them to fluent and well-versed in english speaking. Our expert instructors will enhance your communication areas like speaking, listening, and writing skills throughout the training. Our spoken english training focuses on improving grammar and vocabulary to proficiency in the english language by providing exercises like pronunciation, grammar updates, understanding idioms, public speaking, etc.

Reasons to Choose Us for Spoken English Class in Ambattur

Our Primary Objective is to make students and working professionals proficient in speaking english. Here are some reasons why chose us for the spoken english classes in Ambattur OT, Chennai:

Spoken English Class in Ambattur

  1. Experienced and Certified Instructors: Our team is made up of highly certified and experienced English language experts who have a strong desire to teach. They understand the difficulties that students encounter and create a good and dynamic learning environment.
  2. Convenient Location: Our spoken english institute is located in Ambattur, making it easily accessible to the residents of the area. We provide a comfortable learning environment for the students to make classes more interesting and enjoyable.
  3. Personalized Attention: We are aware that each student learns at a different rate. Our instructors give personalized attention and help each student to guarantee that they understand each subject and overcome any obstacles throughout the spoken english class.
  4. Interactive Sessions: The spoken english training is made to be entertaining and interesting, encouraging an environment of unity and connection among students and trainers. We use a variety of interactive activities, role-playing exercises, and group discussions to keep students motivated and involved.
  5. Practical Application: The course curriculum places a strong impact on using English language proficiency effectively in everyday situations. We provide students the chance to take part in group discussions, mock interviews, and presentations to help them get ready for a range of communication scenarios.

We’re dedicated to providing the guidance and support that students need to reach their communication objectives and realize their full potential.


Maks Bela’s Spoken English Course Levels

Our spoken english class consists of three levels of training methods. Here are the three spoken english course levels:

  • Basic Level Spoken English Course
  • Intermediate Level Spoken English Course
  • Advanced Level Spoken English Course

Basic Level Spoken English Course:  This basic level was created for students who need to learn the basics of spoken english. During the training phase, this level aims to improve their speaking, listening, writing, and reading abilities. At this level, the candidate’s basic English language skills, such as grammar, important tenses, and describing things, places, etc are developed.


Intermediate Level Spoken English Course: The intermediate level aims to enhance your vocabulary and speaking skills by providing speaking exercises such as role plays, group discussions, reading novels and stories, framing questions, and training on verb tenses, pronouns, nouns, verbs, adjectives, articles, etc.


Advanced Level Spoken English Course: After finishing the Intermediate Level, you will continue to learn through reading passages from novels and newspapers, participating in discussions, having conversations, writing essays and paragraphs, and solving idiom, word construction, and grammatical difficulties. You will also be developing original stories, one-act plays, and other sessions to improve your english speaking fluency.


These three levels of spoken english course will make you proficient in speaking english.

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