Special Travel Support

Travel assistance

BELA International has separate department to deal with international travel, our team will help you in getting better deals when it comes to airfares, luggage, etc.

Local travel and travel support in your landing country will be guided by BELA and all arrangements can be booked either in person or any additional family members and friends who can accompany you

Student travel insurance

Student insurance and medical plans are offered by most of the banks for students desiring to study abroad. However, students who do not require any bank loans can make use of the services from BELA special travel support team. All types of insurance such as medical and travel can be opted in India and abroad.

Foreign Exchange

The value of currency in foreign exchange varies on a day today basis and this has a huge impact on loss of money in currency exchange. BELA steps in here and keeps a clean track record of every student client as soon as they get their visas. BELA also has a great partnership with the local currency exchangers who give out a best deal for students on a low weekly price.

Communication Services

Best plans regarding various communication providers and calling rate connections are suggested to our students by our special travel desk before they embark on their journey. Placement activity, connecting with known people abroad are now made easier with the help of this service as students find greater opportunities as soon as they land in a foreign country.