MBBS in China

China, also known as the People’s Republic of China is located in the eastern part of Asia. It is the most populous country of the world with a population of more than 1.3 billion. It is a single party governed state known as the Communist Party, and the capital of the country is Beijing. As far as land area is concerned, it occupies the second position in the world. The civilization of China is also the most ancient. Today, it is the fastest growing economies of the world in terms of GDP and Purchasing Power Parity. In addition to that, it is also the largest importer and exporter of goods in the world


China is not only the fastest growing economies of the world, but at the same time, it is the second largest economy with a GDP growth of approximate US $8.250. It is second only to United States, but it will not be long for it to occupy the leading position in terms of the economy. China is also the member of world’s largest trading organization, WTO and therefore it accounts to lots in terms of international trade.


There are many primary and secondary schools located in China. The government of China is constantly emphasizing on increasing the number of schools and colleges in the country. As a result, the basic education goals of the country have also increased. Increasing emphasis is also given on higher education with the increase of more colleges and universities. As a result, more and more people are completing higher studies in different courses from China. Check out www.studymbbsinchina.org.in for more information on medical education.

Religion and Languages

Freedom of religion is given to the citizens of China, and there are various religious organizations present here. There are several languages spoken in the country due to which there are several linguistic groups. Sino-Tibetan is the most common language spoken, and the national language is Chinese.


The Chinese civilization is more than 5000 years old. It is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world which is known for its rich culture and heritage. In the country’s history Xia dynasty was the first dynasty in the country. Important relics such as Great Wall of China have been left behind by the ancestors. Chinese human settlement is one of the earliest which was found in Huang He basin.

Geography and Climate

There is a great variation in the landscape of China. The eastern part is dominated by alluvial plains along the shores of East China Sea and Yellow Sea, while the southern part has mountain ranges and hills. Himalayas lies to the west, while plateaus lie in the northern part. The climate of the country is mostly dry while wet monsoons also prevail often. This in turn, leads to a huge difference in temperature during the summers and the winters. Northern winds during the winter are cold and dry while the southern winds during the summer are warm and moist

Why China

China is fast becoming a favoured destination for international students who wish to pursue an MBBS program. The government of the country has authorized 49 medical schools who can accept international students. After completing a degree from any of these schools, the students are eligible for examinations which are conducted by MCI, USMLE, SCHS and PMDC. The approved medical schools are listed in WHO’s directory. Most of the country’s universities rank among the top 500 universities in the world.

MBBS in China

Today, medical education in China has reached great heights, and there are many people that study MBBS in China. In fact, both domestic and international students come to China to complete their MBBS programs and become qualified doctors. Currently, there are many medical universities that promote the medical education along with many other facilities. Since the ancient times, the culture of China is very rich, and the tradition of education is also well respected. The tradition continues even today in the field of medicine. In fact, it can largely be said that today, China is the fastest growing destinations in the world that attracts large numbers of students to study MBBS. You will get lots of information about such programs at our website.

Provisions for Quality Education

The ministry of education in China ensures that the quality and standard of education that is provided to the students, both national and international is high. There are almost about 49 different medical schools that are approved by the Chinese government, and therefore, they accept international students, as well. However, the institutions that are not listed in these 49 schools are not permitted to take international students of MBBS. Last year, more than 100, 000 students came to china in order to study medicine under different English medium programs for MBBS.

Easy Admission Procedure

In addition to the quality of education, the admission procedure is also quite easy for MBBS in China. This is one of the major reasons for which there are so many students that opt to study medicine. The requirements for entrance for a bachelor’s degree in medicine are not that difficult. As a result, the level of competition is also quite low compared to any other medicine program in any other country. The best thing is that the cost of education is low due to which many students are interested and attracted towards studying MBBS in China.

Quality Hospitals

The numbers of quality hospitals in China are quite high. As a result, it gives several opportunities to the medical students to practice their internship programs in these hospitals. These are hospitals that have grades of III and Level A. Consequently, these hospitals offer the most advanced medical instruments with the highest international standards. Last but not the least the medical market in China is also expanding at a rapid rate, and with the availability of world’s largest medical stores in China, it gives plenty of opportunities to the medical students to carry out their profession.

China Medical University

China Medical University definitely is the first medical University established in China, and currently, there are large numbers of students from the country as well as other parts of the world that enroll for MBBS in China for Indian Students. The university has been offering education complying with the international medical standards due to which it has attracted the attention of several students till date. The medical programs that are offered in this institution are of a very high quality and the teachers excel in their field to offer the best level of education to the students. In order to get admission into this university, you will have to produce your mark sheets of 10, 11 and 12, both original and attested photocopies along with recent passport size photos and your passport.


The total amount of money that will be required excluding internship program is about Rs 18,93,300. However, there might a variation in the fees every year and the total fee includes the tuition fee, the hostel fee, residential permit, health insurance. Fees for health check-up will have to be provided only in the 1st year.

Dalian Medical University

Dalian medical university is also a very old and renowned medical university that was established in 1947 in China. Currently, it is an independent college that offers wide varieties of medical MBBS programs to both domestic and international students. The best thing about this university is that it has been recognized by the World Health Organization. Along with MBBS, it also offers BDS and masters in medicine. This medical university definitely is the first medical University established in the country, and currently, there are large numbers of students from home country as well as other parts of the world that enroll for MBBS programs here. The university has been offering education complying with the international medical standards due to which it has attracted the attention of many till date. The medical programs that are offered in this institution are of a very high quality and the teachers excel in their field to offer the best level of education to the students.


This university charges very low fees for the international students. The application fee is only applicable in the first year while the tuition fee is RMB 35000 every year. The hostel fee is RMB 5500, the fee for residential permit is RMB 800. There are other fees included that makes a total of RMB 233657 not including internship. The total budget excluding internship amounts to Rs 17,97,550.

Jiangsu University

Jiangsu University is a renowned university and it offers different courses in several different disciplines including medicine. There are 24 different schools under the university that are renowned for offering more than 80 different programs in various disciplines. Initially, the university was formed with the combination of medical college of Zhenjiang, science and technology of Jiangsu University. It offers different educational programs to the international students. It is approved by the government of the China, and therefore, the degrees acquired from this institution have lot of value. Every year, it invites applications from the interested students of India and other countries to study medicine and acquire a degree in MBBS and BDS.


The application fee is RMB 500 which is required only once and the tuition fee is RMB 22, 000 every year. The hostel fee is RMB 6000 while the food charges are RMB 4550. The health insurance cost is RMB 600 every year while the fee for health re-confirmation is RMB 400 which is done only in the first year. The total cost of all the years in INR is Rs 12,98,200.

Jilin University

Jilin University is a leading national university that comes under the ministry of education in this country. It comes in the list of top 10 universities and offer programs in several disciplines including medicine. Its position has attracted the attention of several international students to acquire several disciplines here. If you are interested in studying medicine in this country, this is one university that you can enrol in. The university is known to offer top class facilities for education. Currently, the university pays a lot of emphasis on offering medical education in several levels. There are almost about 78 different medical schools under this university, so that the students can select from among the different schools in terms of their eligibility. The university offers full time graduate, post graduate and even research programs on medicine.


The application fee applicable only once is RMB 400 and the tuition fee is RMB 27000 each year. The hostel fee, food charges, residential permit, health check-up and health insurance are RMB 6000, RMB 6000, RMB400, RMB 350, and RMB 600 respectively. However, the cost of internship programs is not included and accounts for a total of RMB 20, 2150.

Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing Medical University was established in 1934, and it is considered to be a leading university for higher learning, especially in the field of medical education. There are two main campuses of the university and there are several programs that are offered here. It is the most attractive destination for international students willing to study medicine in China. The university offers several programs under medicine and different eligible students get chance in each of the schools for specialization. Every year large numbers of students, both local and international join this university in order to earn the prestigious degree from this university. The teaching staffs of this university along with the national medical library are also very helpful for the students to acquire world class medical education.


The application and the tuition fees are RMB 500 only once and RMB 34000 for the latter. However, the tuition fee includes the medical check-up, insurance, residential permit and books. The accommodation fee each year is RMB 8000 while the food charges are RMB 4550. This leads to a total of RMB 233250 excluding internship.

Soochow University

Soochow University is a renowned and reputed university that specializes in offering wide varieties of programs in several disciplines. In fact, there are several doctoral programs that are offered in the university, which is a major source of attraction for both the national and international students. There are almost about 6 campuses of the university, and with the expansion of international relations, it has become the major seat for many students. The University offers several doctoral, post-doctoral, and even different kinds of master programs in medicine. Therefore, if you are interested, you can also apply for getting admission into this university. In the year 2000, the school of medicine actually merged with the previous and the independent Suzhou Medical College.


The total budget apart from internship is INR 15, 21, 150. However, this amount can increase or decrease as per the rate of the dollar. The current food charge for each year RMB 4000, but it can also change depending on the market price. The application fee of RMB 400 is applicable only for the first year, while the tuition fee is RMB 30000 each year. The hostel fee is RMB 5000 each year and the health insurance fee is RMB 1000 every year.

College Of Medicine, Southeast University

Southeast University is quite renowned and recognized university directly administered by the Chinese ministry of education. This university is also accredited by the State council. Attempts are also being made in order to build this into a world class university. In the recent years, the school of medicine has improved with involvement of higher standards of education, and several programs are being offered to the national and international students. The procedure of admission is quite easy and flexible, and therefore, interested students can easily apply for an admission. They will be selected on the basis of their merits and qualification on a particular discipline. It also offers specialized MBBS programs to the students, and the degree of this university is recognized all over the world.


While the application fee is USD 62 once, the tuition fee including hostel and insurance is USD 5630. The food charges are USD 700 and the residential permit is USD 123. You will have to pay USD 62 for health check-up only once. The total cost of the course is about Rs 15,94,850 excluding internship.

Sun Yat Sen University

There are several schools and departments under Sun Yat Sen University, and the university has made a good name in the recent years, mainly because of the educational system adapted by the university. It aims to offer world class facilities to the students not only in the country, but also from across the world. There are several disciplines in which a degree is offered here ranging from humanities, technical sciences and even medical sciences. The university offers graduate and post-graduate courses in almost about 17 different disciplines, which also includes the schools in medicine and dentistry. Therefore, if you are interested, you can also try enrolling into this university in order to get recognition of your degree acquired. There are about 4 different campuses in the university and each of them is located in different districts.


The total expenditure is estimated to be about US$ 34690, which might be subjected to increase or decrease as per the market exchange rates. This budget includes the application fee, hostel feel, tuition fee, health insurance, residential permit, food charges.

Weifang Medical University

Weifang Medical University manly is renowned for offering several courses in medicine. It was in 1986 that the Chinese ministry of education approved this university and since then it offers master degree courses in medicine, as well. Since 2002, it was given the permission to conduct graduate courses in the university, as well. It is a medical university owned by the state, and currently it attracts large number of overseas students from across the world. The university offers almost about 24 different post graduate programs, among which different disciplines of medicine also gets a place. Currently, it offers undergraduate programs in disciplines mainly including MBBS in China. There are also specialty research centres and the students are given excellent facilities for internship programs.


The application fee and the health reconfirmation fee are charged only once of USD 77 and USD 62 respectively. The other fees including tuition, hostel, food charges, residential permit and health insurance has to be paid on an yearly basis, which makes a total expenditure of almost $22379.

Yangzhou University

Among the top list of Chinese universities, Yangzhou University is also one of them. Six colleges have been merged to form this university, and there are several courses that are offered to the students here. It not only offers undergraduate and graduate courses, but it also offers doctorate programs in several disciplines. Medicine is also an important course in which the university offers several programs at different levels. In fact, the medicine department has earned a good name by now, and there are several national and international students that apply for different medicine programs to be studied under this university. It offers world class facilities of libraries and research centres along with excellent teaching staff and excellent quality of education.


For gaining admission in MBBS programs, the following are the requirements:

A student applying for MBBS program must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology in class 12th and got 50% marks with English as one of the subjects. He/ She must have attained the age of 17 years as on 31st December of the year of joining.

The following materials need to be submitted to our consultancy agency:-

Application form A copy of high school certificate with attestation from gazette authority

A copy of official transcripts from high school or college

A copy of passport

A copy of completed Physical examination record form

Each application coming to our agency goes to processing department of desired university and then Chinese embassy from where the applicants get the ‘X’ visa and can start for travel arrangements.


The syllabus for Four and a half year degree course in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is prepared taking into consideration the requirement of the country the students have come from. The major objective is to provide the students with thorough knowledge about medical practices and cultivate skills to diagnose and manage patients. The students are taught about how to resolve complex medical issues and develop a keen interest in continuing their medical education further. The entire MBBS courses is divided into nine semesters and after completion of these semesters, every medical student has to undergo one year rigorous internship. The entire degree course is divided into two parts. The first four semesters develop the knowledge about basic integrated teaching of medical subjects while the last five semesters draw the students’ attention towards developing knowledge about clinical subjects.

In the first part, the following subjects are taught:-

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Biochemistry
  • Community Medicine
  • Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Community Medicine
  • Community Medicine

Let’s move on to second part. In this the following subjects are taught:-

  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Orthopedics
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Radiology
  • Anesthesiology
  • Skin and VD
  • Psychiatry and Forensic Medicine
  • Toxicology

Fee structure

An MBBS course can be completed in six years, which includes one year of internship. The tuition fee of the medical program is $5000 per annum approximately. The accommodation fee ranges from $200-$300. Physical examination fee, which needs to be paid for the first year is $93. The insurance fee is $93. Living expenses in China are considerably lower. You can live comfortably within $300 to $500.

Admission process

To complete the admission process successfully, the students need to submit the application form. The students need to have the diploma and transcript of the highest degree obtained. The diploma needs to be certified by the Taiwan embassy in your country. Copies of official bank statement are essential which proves that you can pay the college fees. The aspirants need to submit a study plan in English or Chinese. The students need a valid passport and should have a minimum score of 500 in TOEFL PBT.


Indian students aspiring to study medicine in China can avail hostel facilities, which include Indian mess. Thus, availing food and lodging for Indian students in the country is not difficult. The hostels are situated within the campus and are equipped with all facilities. You can select among single, double and triple bedrooms. Upon the choice of the students, air-conditioned rooms are offered. Indian food is available throughout the year. Facilities like laundry, internet and library are offered within the hostel.


As China is becoming technologically advanced, the transportation in the country is becoming more reliable. Express highways, electrified trains and metros are becoming common in most of the cities of China. As the country spans over a large area, it depends largely on its highways for transportation. You can travel around in the highly developed railway system. Urban public transport system in China is modern and efficient. This makes your stay in the country a memorable and unique experience.


While you are in the country, you can try the right blend of flavours and spices of the local cuisine. You will discover that local food in China varies from Chinese food in your home country. Food in the northern province of the country is heavier where staple food is noodles and dumplings. You can also try the international cuisines which are largely available.