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Immigration Chart

Our Service Charges is payable in three installments: Rs.30, 000/- while applying for step 2, Rs.30, 000/- after you receive your confirmed overseas qualification assessment and Rs.35, 000 /- at step 5 (at the time of applying for migration). In addition, 12.36% Service Tax is to be paid along with our communication and service fee.

Refund Policy :If you fail at Step 2, we will refund Rs.10, 000/-. If you fail at step 5, ONLY due to change in government policy or increase in points, we will refund Rs.15, 000/-

Our Services include assessing your qualifications, filling in and submitting all necessary visa and medical forms, preparing you for your English test and interview, keeping you informed from time to time about changing immigration policies and how these changes may affect your application, informing you about your rights as a Permanent Resident of your intended country, helping with opening of bank accounts, assisting in arranging accommodation in your new country, assisting in flight reservations, arranging for someone to meet you at the airport and above all giving you handy tips on securing employment in your new country.

Please remember as Australian Citizens and MARA Agents, we will be in a better position to provide you with the above services. In addition, we will also be there to assist you in Australia and New Zealand.