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MAKS BELA International, one of today's leading Immigration & visa consultants in Chennai. Our team works with a simple goal,i.e to cater professional, authentic and reliable visa processing services to skilled workers of India and abroad who are keen to settle, work or study in Canada.

MAKS BELA is a successful Canada visa company who process visas by the extensive support of experience Immigration consultants, Evaluation team, Visa case Officer and Job Marketing Executives. If you too want to visit, study or settle in Canada through a smooth & hassle-free visa process, come visit MAKS BELA and let us help you with a systemic Canada visa process.

What we do to help you reach Canada?


We believe that upright guidance and consultation is the first step to a growing career in Canada. For this, our highly qualified and decade experienced Immigration Experts will help you with an initial counselling on Canada visa processing, absolutely for free.


We only take up case files that are eligible in the view of the Canadian Embassy. To know whether your profile is needed by Canada or not, our team of Evaluation Experts assess your profile as per the immigration requirements of Canada and help you with instant result - showing your best chances for the Canada visa.


Once you sign-up for complete a visa documentation, we help you with all that takes to get you the visa- assessment, visa application, document guidance, document submission, visa fee payment assistance etc. A dedicated case officer will be assigned to your case file and be at your guidance all through- until you get your visa in hand.

Why choose us for your Canada Visa process?

MAKS BELA work with Independent ICCRC Consultants:

Our process is authentic and the final application is submitted to the Embassy after a final review by authorized immigration agents of ICCRC.

MAKS BELA have a 95% success Canada PR visa success:

MAKS BELA have been processing Canada PR visas since years and have successfully reached a rate of 95% in the immigration sector.

MAKS BELA are a foreign student's favorite:

Graduates from US and UK trust our process because they know we take a positive approach to every case, showing them ropes for a successful career in Canada.

MAKS BELA do the hard work so you can do the dreaming:

While your visa application is in the hands of the best visa consultants, our Job Marketing executives share the burden of searching a job for you in Canada.

MAKS BELA assist you all the way till you settle in Canada:

Once you have your visa in hand, MAKS BELA help you & arrange for a airport drop, accommodation assistance in Canada and several post-landing services.

Our range of services for Canada

Canada Permanent Resident Visa:

Canada offers a special facility for skilled workers from worldwide to obtain a PR visa and settle in Canada forever. Our experts in immigration and visa services help you obtain a PR visa through simple evaluation and documentation. Be it individuals or families, all eligible candidates can become a Permanent Resident of Canada by the assistance of our Canada immigration experts.

Canada Study Visa:

Besides USA and Australia, Canada has emerged as a destination well preferred for education. To assist the student crowd with the admission and visa application formalities, we have a specialized team of student counselors who guide, apply and assist the student in the process although.

Canada Dependent Visa:

Living in Canada and want your family/dependents to accompany your stay? We'll take care. We provide application and documentation for dependent visas so that your family can enjoy the stay with you in the best possible time.

Canada Temporary Work Visa:

Canada often requires temporary workers for their short term projects. To candidates who have been invited to Canada or a short term, we can help with a process of temporary visas.

Canada Visit Visa:

Be it a medical visit or a family vacation in Canada, our visit visa service is timely and extremely affordable. We help in processing visit visas for individuals and families, both.

How to connect to MAKS BELA for a Visa Service?

We are very approachable and would love to talk you about your settle abroad dreams. The easiest way to get in touch with our Immigration Consultant is fill in the enquiry form. As soon as your message reaches us, one of our Experts will dial you back with the complete information you're looking for- promise!

Immigration to Canada

Canada is one of the developed and most beautiful countries in North America. Skyline buildings, innovative technology, pleasant lifestyle and high value for skilled professionals are some of the qualities that have attracted professionals of the world to choose it for immigration.

Statistics show that each year over 3 million skilled workers from various countries of the world show interest in Canada Skilled Immigration. It means that solely based on skills & work experience, talented professionals strive to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. This increasing urge of skilled professionals to immigrate to Canada has made the country emerge as one of the preferred destinations for immigration. Considering this growing interest of people in immigration to Canada, the Canadian government has made several improvements and introduced many benefits for immigrants. This factor has now made Canada as an Immigrant’s Capital City.

Well Established and Stark Economy

Canada has the 10th largest economy in the world. The service industry is the most dominating area of the Canadian, and it is estimated that over three-quarter of the entire Canada is employed in the service sector. With this service industry, aircraft, automobile industry, manufacturing industry, etc. have a continuous support in the growing economy of Canada.

Abundant Opportunities & High Paid jobs

Canada’s job market is vast and open for occupants of every sector. Be it IT professionals, Engineering professionals, Managers, Banking & Finance professionals, occupants from the Medical sector- Canada has jobs for all. Statistics show that each month over 45,000 jobs are posted on Canada’s prominent job portals, and Canadian employers look majorly for talent from outside to fill in these vacant positions. Another benefit associated with Canada’s job market & Canada immigration is that not just the applicant, but the applicant’s spouse is also eligible to work for any job in Canada and contribute to the country’s skills gap.

Standardized Education & Excellent Health

Canada’s education & health care system is much talked about worldwide. The subsidized education facilities Canada offers for the kids of immigrant’s family make the stay in Canada an affordable experience to Canada PR visa holders. Not just this, but both individuals and families residing in Canada on a Permanent resident visa get free healthcare facilities. It means that starting from a regular checkup to expensive surgeries, PR visa holders have to worry about nothing- the Canadian government sponsors it all.

Risk-Free & Unbiased Immigration System

Canada’s immigration system is a major reason why Canada is preferred by a vast number of skilled workers. Canada’s immigration system is a fair selection system- i.e. applicants are selected for Canada Permanent Residency based on the points they score under Canada Express Entry points system. This way, all the eligible applicants who can score well and meet Canada immigration points requirement are invited to settle in Canada and later obtain Canada Citizenship- without any racial or cultural bias.

How to Immigrate to Canada?

The only way to immigrate to Canada is a Permanent Resident Visa. This visa grants the holder an official permit to relocate to Canada, take up a job that matches his skills & expertise, choose to live anywhere, make Canada his home forever.

To settle in Canada on Canada Permanent Resident visa, an applicant needs to fulfill the basic requirements, which are as follows:

  • Have a decision to live & work anywhere in Canada, but not Quebec
  • Meet all the eligibility criteria requirements of Canada immigration
  • Score 67 points under Canada immigration points select system
  • Have an ability to read, write, speak and understand the English Language
  • Nominate an occupation from the Canada National Occupational Classification
  • Essential requirements for Canada Immigration

    Eligible Points:

    Evaluation is a technique that determines one's eligibility to check for Canada Immigration. By the help of Canada Immigration Points Calculator, applicants who want to immigrate to Canada are assessed. Factors like age, education, work experience, English language skills, ability to adapt to Canadian lifestyle, etc. are taken into account and points are allotted for the same as per the Canadian immigration requirements.

    Health & Character:

    Sound health and moral character are important aspects of Canada immigration. Anyone who wishes to settle in Canada on a PR visa individually or with family must initially prove themselves to be of sound health and moral character. As an evidence of good health, the applicant needs to submit Medicals from the national authorities of his residing country. Likewise, as an evidence of moral character, Police Clearance Certificate should be obtained by the applicant from the authorities of the country he has resided for more than six months.

    Fund maintenance:

    To prove that the applicant can manage his and his family’s stay in Canada, the country government demands fund maintenance before entering the country. Depending on the number of dependents accompanying the applicant’s immigration, the evidence of funds should be produced.

    Range of visa programs for Canada Immigration

    To settle in Canada, one requires a Permanent resident visa. This visa can be applied for under various programs of Canada Express Entry - a recently introduced system for PR visa application management. On applying for a PR under any of the following programs, a candidate gains work and residency rights, along with an opportunity to apply for a Canadian citizenship in future.

    Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program:

    This visa program is for skilled professionals worldwide who have a determination to settle in Canada but do not hold any kind of State nomination or relative sponsorship. They must apply for the visa based on core human factors- education skills and work experience.

    Federal Skilled Trades Visa Program:

    This visa program is specifically for skilled workers who are specialized in a specific trade. They can nominate a trade occupation and apply for a PR visa of Canada through this program.

    Canadian Experience Class Program:

    Candidates with a Canadian education or work experience are eligible to become a permanent resident of Canada by applying for a PR visa through the CEC program. This program is best suited to students with Canadian degree and temporary workers of Canada who seek for a permanent stay in the country.

    Provincial Nominee Programs:

    Certain provinces of Canada face a severe shortage of skilled talent. This is when the provinces of this government depends upon talent from outside and nominate them for a Canadian PR. This nomination serves them a benefit and increases their Comprehensive Ranking score- ultimately leading to an easier PR for Canada.

    Quebec Immigration Program:

    Though Quebec is a part of Canada, it follows its own rules for immigration. Thus, for the aspirants determine to settle permanently in Quebec, the government orders them to do so by the means of a Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program. This program gives eligible candidates a right to reside in Quebec and enjoy all rights as Canadian permanent residents.

    Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program:

    Canada recently introduced a Pilot Program for aspirants who want to particularly settle in Atlantic regions of Canada- Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island & Newfoundland and Labrador. This program gives aspirants with less work experience and low level of English language skills a right to reside in Canada as permanent resident, provided that they show a valid offer from an employer of any of these provinces. Detailed information on this will be given by our Canada immigration Expert.

    Canada Express Entry

    What is Canada Express Entry?

    In January 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) came up with an initiative to ease managing of permanent residence visas, termed Canada Express Entry. The Canada express Entry is not just an electronic selection system but one of the unique introductions to the world. The aim to this initiative was to bring in an enhanced and hasty selection system for foreign skilled worker applications. The Canada Express Entry came in as a way to promote Canadian economy by hiring workers and filling in vacancies of the sectors falling short of skilled man force.

    The introduction of the Canada Express Entry has provided the Canadian economy with the following benefits:

  • Acts as an effective tool to Canadian authorities to select immigrants who are skilled and fill in the vacant positions very accurately.
  • Directs the skilled immigration programs as per the requirements.
  • Provides the federal and provincial personals with qualified and skilled labors by much reliable means.
  • Provides immigrations with a smoother and quicker migration process.
  • How Canada Express Entry works?

    Following is the step-by-step process of Canada Express Entry application process:

  • Submit an on-line Canada Express Entry profile. The profile must feature updated information about your age, education, language skills, work experience and adaptability.
  • Attest relevant documents* to the same as an evidence.
  • Your profile is considered for evaluation by Government of Canada and associated Canadian employees.
  • After evaluation, you are allotted with points as per your profile analysis.
  • There are four programs under Canada Express Entry; namely, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canada Experience Class, Skilled Trade and the Provincial Nominee Program. Your scores will determine under which program you can immigrate to Canada.
  • Once you are determined of the program that relates to your profile, your profile is directed to the Express Entry Pool.
  • In the Express Entry Pool, your profile is evaluated based on the standards set by the Canada’s federal &provincial governments, recruiters and Canadian employers on the grounds of your eligibility.
  • You are then offered with a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) which acts as your work permit to Canada.
  • The LMIA is the basic criteria that will aid you the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence under the respective economic program you have been entitled to.
  • After having received your Invitation to Apply, your application will be processed within 5-6 months.
  • Documents to be attested:

  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Medical report
  • Language test results
  • Photograph of applicants and family members