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Business English language skills are in great demand around the world as more and more businesses and organisations conduct their international business operations through the medium of the English language. In this business English language course you will be introduced to conversational vocabulary and dialogues that will help you learn English language skills in the areas of business. You will listen to dialogues about job interviews and how to ask and answer interview questions in English. You will also learn important and useful vocabulary when making business telephone calls. You will learn about the importance of small talk when initiating and forming business relationships and how to differentiate between colloquial and formal English

Improve Your Professional Portfolio

The Business English course is for students who want to learn English for an international, English-speaking workplace. The goal of the program is to introduce students regarding business language in English. You will learn business-related vocabulary and improve your speaking, listening and writing skills for use in any business. You will be prepared to communicate in English in a cross-cultural professional environment.

The course is divided into three proficiency levels. Each proficiency level is divided into eight business topics. The 24 business topics covered in this program allow students to continue strengthening all of their English skills within a professional context. You will learn grammar and vocabulary by studying different business topics every week.

Benefits of MAKS BELA Business English Courses

  • Improve your English grammar and speaking skills

  • Learn English that is useful in any professional environment

  • Use real examples from U.S. companies to learn the English you will use at work

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes: - Learn English vocabulary used in job interviews; - Learn how to make a business call in English; - Learn more about small talk and when it should be used; - Learn English vocabulary about sending letters and Emails.

How You Will Learn What You Will Learn

Business English A

  • Write professional emails

  • Practice phone and conferencing skills

  • Give presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Formal and informal business writing

  • Useful language for business meetings and negotiations

  • Basic business vocabulary

Business English B

  • Discuss case studies from successful companies

  • Work together in a team

  • Review business websites and other professional writing examples using classroom internet access

  • Skills for delivering interesting presentations

  • Effective writing skills

  • Marketing and finance vocabulary

Business English C

  • Produce authentic business writing samples for your portfolio

  • Complete team projects

  • Specialized business writing

  • Critical thinking skills

  • Industry specific vocabulary

Business English Course Information

Course Schedule

MAKS BELA courses are designed to help you become more confident in your English language skills, especially your speaking skills. These skills are necessary if you wish to adapt in Work place culture. MAKS BELA Business English classes are from Monday to Friday Week day batches and Saturday, Sunday Week End Batches, in the morning or in the afternoon or in the evening. All students will receive their schedule after they arrive at MAKS BELA and take our English Placement Test.

Standard: 20 lessons per week, Monday to Friday classes in the morning or afternoon or evening, For Week end classes lesson will be varied.

Class Placement and Levels

When you arrive, you will take an English language placement test to check your current level. The test covers all skills. You will then be placed into the level that is right for you.The curriculum at MAKS BELA is skills-based. This means that grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills are all integrated in your classes. The classes are interactive and there is a focus on communication to help you to develop your confidence in this area

Class Advancement

Business English Advancement is based on your teacher’s evaluation of whether you have acquired the skills necessary to progress to the next level. Quizzes, project work and formal presentations are a part of the evaluation process.

Student Evaluation

Your MAKS BELA teachers will evaluate you on the basis of quizzes, homework, class participation, and attendance.

English Only Policy

MAKS BELA adhere to an English Only Policy. You must make every effort to speak in English at all times in the school. This includes in your class, student lounge areas, front desk, etc.

Students will be able to:

  • Discuss quality and how it relates to products

  • Create a commercial promotion of a product or service Target Language and Grammar learned in the lesson

Students will learn to use:

  • Collocations with quality

  • Vocabulary on planned obsolescence


Personal Attention

The School Director and the Director of Courses meet with each Business English student upon arrival at the school and then arrange regular meetings with the student during their program to make sure that all aspects of their program are meeting their expectations.

Contemporary, Comprehensive Curriculum

MAKS BELA's Business English curriculum was recently updated to provide students with the most up-to-date resources, including new textbooks, and new supplemental materials that reflect the ever-evolving global workplace.

Small Class Size

Our maximum class size for courses is 8 to 14 students, which allows instructors to focus on each individual student and provide personalized instruction and feedback.

Qualified Instructors

All Business English instructors have a university degree and specialized training in Teaching English as a Second Language. In addition, they all have experience in business .

Presentation Practice

Students improve their presentation and speaking skills by presenting a topic to their class and the administrative staff at the end of their course. Students also receive a Business English certificate upon completion of their presentation.


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